Dora Huang ’13


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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The Naz Foundation

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The Naz Foundation (India) Trust works on a variety of advocacy and care programs for both the HIV/AIDS infected and affected. As an office and care home, Naz India deals with not only the legal and administrative side of HIV/AIDS care, but also the ­everyday medical and psychological consequences of the illness. Through a variety of programs, Naz works to address the high level of stigma and discrimination associated with the disease, develop and train aspiring care homes and counselors, and provide daily ­emotional and medical support to any and all affected. While there, I collaborated with many of the existing programs to produce a tri-monthly newsletter and a training manual for developing care homes. I also spent a large amount of my time with the kids, whether in “formal” event settings or in the everyday context of the care home (where the office is located). I learned so much about the community context of HIV/AIDS, outside of a textbook or a classroom, and how its presence impacts and shapes everyday life and behavior (of not just those infected). Through this internship, I know now that I do wish to pursue a career in public health – and one in a community, face-to-face setting.

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Naz Foundation, India


Anastasia Vrachnos, Princeton in Asia