Devika Balachandran ’14


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Patterns of Zooplankton Diel Vertical Migration in the Global Ocean

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This summer, I conducted research at Princeton in the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic ­Sciences on diel vertical migration of zooplankton to determine if there were any emerging global patterns. I used online databases like the Encyclopedia of Life and ­Princeton University’s Library Catalog to compile a list of zooplankton species that ­undergo diel vertical migration and to what depths they are known to migrate. Once I completed some preliminary research, I analyzed the data available on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) online Copepod database ­manually and usedprograms like R and Microsoft Excel. Upon data analysis, I mapped the results spatially using Generic Mapping Tools and temporally using Microsoft Excel. My ­internship also entailed attending a number of seminars and talks, which included the ­exciting 2011 Annual Southern Ocean NOAA Climate Processes Team Meeting. Not only did I learn how to use a lot of useful data analysis programs this summer, but I also learned how to effectively read scientific literature.

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Climate and Energy


Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey


Jorge Sarmiento, George J. Magee Professor of Geoscience and Geological Engineering, Professor of Geosciences, Director, Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS); Allison Smith, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Geosciences; Daniele Bianchi, Gradu