Daniel Dix ’12


Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Project Title

Collecting and Visualizing Data for Energy Systems Analysis

This summer, I worked in the Princeton Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis (PENSA), on data visualization and collection for Professor Powell. The main focus of the ­internship was creating a means to observe hour-by-hour load, flow, and generation data for the PJM Interconnections electric grid, which spans from Chicago to North Carolina. I worked with a number of other interns, each of whom had a very important role. Much of my internship involved finding ways to map data from one form to another. In ­particular, I needed to obtain physical location data and connect it to the bus node ID number, which was used in the Unit Commitment model to simulate changes in the network over time. With lots of coding, we were able to create a working visualization program, which will be used next year to perform policy analysis of the Northeast electric grid.

Internship Year


Project Category

Climate and Energy


Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey


Professor Powell, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey