Dana Butnariu ’13


Computer Science

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Dynamic Server Load Balancing Across Data Centers

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During the summer I worked in the Computer Science Department at Princeton University as part of Professor Jennifer Rexford’s research group. My internship project focused on developing an application that would dynamically load balance client requests across data centers in order to lower energy demands and costs. For the first half of the internship, we designed and implemented a load balancing algorithm that takes into account server position and usage when deciding which server must handle a certain client request. The algorithm tries to minimize the costs and the energy amount necessary to process the client request without sacrificing user-perceived performance. After performing the load balancing, I kept track of server usage and identified the servers which handled the least amount of client requests as part the second half of the project. These servers were then powered down and the client requests they were handling got redirected to a nearby server in order to lower the data center’s energy consumption.

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Climate and Energy


Computer Science Department, Princeton University


Jennifer Rexford, Professor of Computer Science