Chien Nguyen ’25


Computer Science

Project Title

Distribution of Air Pollution in India

Certificate(s): Applied and Computational Mathematics, Statistics and Machine Learning

I worked with the Mauzerall Group to understand the distribution of air pollution in India and how air pollution policies impact the air quality and greenhouse gas emissions in India. For example, how the switch from coal-fired power generation to greener sources of energy would affect air quality. My main contribution over the summer was data collection for future analysis. I worked to automate the data collection process and transform data files into machine-readable formats. I also helped conduct a literature review and recommended articles for future reference. Through this internship, I gained experience using the coding language Python and the geospatial analysis program Google Geocoding API.

Internship Year


Project Category

Food Systems and Health


Mauzerall Group, Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment (C-PREE), School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University - Princeton, New Jersey


Denise Mauzerall, William S. Tod Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Public and International Affairs; Yuanyu Xie, Associate Research Scholar, School of Public and International Affairs