Benjamin Barron, 2013, Comparative Literature

My internship with the environmental law firm Earthjustice was an educational and ­enlightening venture into the world of green legislation. I worked with their ­communications office which gave me the opportunity to oversee all facets of the non-profit law firm’s widespread work. Being able to contribute substantially, despite working at an ­intern ­level, was rewarding and empowering. In my case, that consisted of researching and writing numerous blogs, and a couple of magazine articles, as well as working on ­multimedia projects, press tracking reports, staff biographies, and other smaller projects. I learned about the complexity of environmental law, and the importance of legislation in the struggle to achieve sustainability. Perhaps the most important thing I learned was that environmental law is not the path I want to take in my environmental career. ­However, working alongside the passionate, capable, and experienced lawyers, employees, and executives of the largest environmental law firm in the world certainly cemented my commitment to the pursuit of sustainability.