Angeline Jacques ’16



Project Title

The Sustainable Development of Urban Rivers in São Paulo, Brazil

My research was conducted primarily through the Princeton/University of São Paulo collaboration, which is a six-year long research partnership between the two universities focused on the utilization of rivers in urban areas. My project focused specifically on the history of the rivers and canals in São Paulo. I spoke with members of the Metropole Fluvial Research Group, whose goal is to restore the rivers for transportation of sewage, goods, and people. Creating sustainable relationships with their rivers is a challenge that all large cities have begun to face, and São Paulo serves as a valuable case study for river renewal. During the internship, I assisted in the publication of a joint conference held last spring as well as gained valuable knowledge through interviews, archival research, and on-site observations for my senior thesis.

Internship Year


Project Category

Climate Change and Environmental Science


Princeton/University of São Paulo Research Collaboration, Brazil


Mario Gandelsonas, Professor, Architecture