Andres Montoya ’21


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Project Title

Electrical Engineering and Design of High-Rate Recharging Vehicles

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For my project, I learned the product-development process and the key steps a company takes to create a new product. I also gained knowledge of mechanical design for engineering systems and learned the best practices for design review and implementation. I worked on a team that focused on innovating the components of high-rate recharging vehicles in an effort to further the improvement and impact of electric vehicles. Our team created and iterated cooling-plate designs for an electric-vehicle battery pack using the computer-aided design programs Creo and Autodesk CFD. We also generated and described multiple electric-vehicle charging stations and techniques for a provisional patent. We were able to consistently communicate with upper-level management as we presented various ideas in company meetings to discuss and improve upon designs. As a result of this internship, I learned the intricacies of Creo and Autodesk CFD, the process of filing a patent, and how to effectively collaborate with engineers from various disciplines in a laboratory setting.

Internship Year


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New Energy Future


Lightening Energy - Dover, New Jersey


Eric Materniak, Energy Systems Manager, Lightening Energy