Alisa Tiwari ’14



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Developing & Implementing Environmental Public Policy Initiatives

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This past summer, I decided to pursue an internship in the Office of Senator Michael ­Bennet (D-CO) in order to advance my understanding of the challenges of ­developing and ­implementing public policy initiatives. My goal was to learn about the legislative ­process for change as well as how to be of service to my community by ­researching ­environmental issues. As an intern, I gained invaluable insights into congressional ­processes. My ­responsibilities included producing a daily press packet, researching current legislation, responding to constituent concerns, attending committee ­briefings, working on office publications, and developing memos or talking points for the Senator. Working inside our political system allowed me to establish a framework for ­understanding the ­concerns that currently face our country and the process necessary to instigate change. The ­internship solidified my interest in public service, community awareness, and ­environmental issues and furthered my intentions to pursue a course of study in politics, history, and ­economics.

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United States Congress - Office of Senator Bennet (CO), Washington, D.C.


Michael Litchman, Visiting Lecturer in Psychology; Sebastian Dawiskiba, United States Congress - Office of Senator Bennet (CO)