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  • The Environmental Nexus
    New undergraduate Environmental Studies course
  • The Nature of the Mpala Research Centre
  • A Dangerous Moment for Climate Change and for Science
    Senior research scholar Robert Socolow on whether climate science is to be taken seriously
  • Shared Traits of Abandoned Gas,
    Oil Wells Could Aid Cheaper,
    More Effective Cleanup
  • Jorge Sarmiento Leading Effort
    to Unmask the Mysteries of the Southern Ocean
  • When Corals Met Algae:
    Symbiotic Relationship Crucial to Reef Survival
    Dates to the Triassic
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Ramanan Laxminarayan quoted in the New York Times discussing the impact of air pollution on children in India and China.

Researchers Predict Growing Number of Hurricane Sandy-Like Storm Surges in Future
Researchers estimate that storm-related flooding along the east coast is likely to become more common.

Ice Cores Reveal a Slow Decline in Atmospheric Oxygen Over the Last 800,000 Years
Princeton University researchers have compiled 30 years of data to construct the first ice core-based record of atmospheric oxygen.

Bringing People Together as Scientists to Save a Zebra Species
Intrigued by zebras since he first studied wild horses in North Carolina during the 1980s, Dan Rubenstein focuses a large portion of his research on exploring...


Environmental Humanities at Princeton
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18th C./Romantic Studies Colloquium and the Princeton Environmental Institute

  12/12/2016 -
4:30pm to 6:00pm
Hinds Library (Room B14)

CFI Seminar - Phaedra Daipha, Rutgers University

  02/16/2017 -
4:30pm to 6:00pm
Aaron Burr Hall, Room 216