PEI is home to numerous interdisciplinary efforts that inspire and augment environmental research carried out at Princeton and institutions worldwide. PEI leads large-scale, long-term Research Centers in which academic and industry partners across the nation and around the world focus on singular, yet multi-faceted, environmental challenges. Research Initiatives based at PEI consist of collaborative efforts in which Princeton faculty members in multiple disciplines work on emerging environmental themes. PEI’s research-related Programs include an explicit educational component that explores pressing environmental issues while providing hands-on experience to future environmental scientists and scholars in the sciences, environmental humanities, and engineering.

Princeton Environmental Institute supports faculty members and research staff by preparing for and managing internal and outside funding opportunities, as well as helping with logistics and expenses related to research, such as travel. PEI also serves as a central resource for early-career researchers in environmental fields seeking research positions, as well as for those who are acclimating to Princeton.

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