Conference Organizing Committee

Harlowe Brumett-Dunn ’24

Harlowe Brumett-Dunn is an undergraduate student in Anthropology LPE track and pursuing an African American Studies and Environmental Studies certificate at Princeton University. Her senior thesis work examines how the environmental justice movement moved from federal policy, to regional, local and community efforts. She is particularly interested in how representation of marginalized communities are engaged at each level and how affected community’s function through their own forms of organizing and healing.

Miriam Beams ’24

Miriam Beams is an undergraduate senior in the School of Public and International Affairs and is pursuing a minor in the Visual Arts. Her senior thesis research examines how the impacts of climate change on the fishing industry can shape fishermen’s perception of climate change, long term and short adaptation strategies and political affinities and affiliations. She is interested in exploring the intersection between food systems and climate change.

Noelle Carpenter ’25

Noelle Carpenter is a third-year undergraduate student in the School of Public and International Affairs. Her areas of interest are environmental policy and urban planning.

Kymberley Chu, PhD Candidate

Kymberley Chu is a PhD student in Anthropology at Princeton University. Her doctoral research examines how different communities in Malaysia perceive and co-construct cultural perceptions of animals. She is interested in exploring questions of personhood and species management under the ongoing legacies of capitalism and colonialism.

Magdely Diaz de Leon ’24

Magdely Michelle Diaz de Leon is an undergraduate senior in the Anthropology med track while pursuing a certificate in Environmental studies. In her junior work, she looked at community resiliency in Puerto Rico examining the intersection of social, environmental, and economic factors that shape the idea of a communities’ ability to rebound after natural disasters. Currently working on their senior thesis, she is poised to explore the indispensable role of community healthcare workers as vital mediators in ensuring equitable healthcare access and fostering health resilience within communities.

Jo Goldman ’25

Jo Goldman is a Junior in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department at Princeton University. ​She has experience working with the Environmental Defense Fund and at the Columbus Zoo in the pinnipeds department. She is interested in ecosystem ecology, zoological studies and environmental conservation.

Kennedy Primus ’24

Kennedy Primus is a fourth-year undergraduate in the Department of African American Studies and pursuing certificates in Environmental Studies and Portuguese. She is researching the relationship between African American communities, the environment and citizenship. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in environmental policy.

Caryn Tin Powe Hoo, PhD Candidate

Caryn Tin Powe Hoo is a first year PhD student in the Department of Anthropology. She is broadly interested in the ways in which island vulnerability is discursively and materially produced, particularly in the context of sustainable development and the climate crisis. Her research explores how current and past representations of Mauritius are linked to environmental governance and control.