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Undergraduate Student Resources

Scholarships, Fellowships and Funding Opportunities

The Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) seeks to connect students to scholarship and fellowship opportunities specific to Princeton students (High Meadows, Princeton Project 55) and those outside the University (Morris K. Udall Scholarship). Students registered with the Certificate Program in Environmental Studies will receive email notifications of opportunities as they arise. To register, students must complete the online Student Enrollment Form.

Relevant Princeton Initiatives

Student Activities and Organizations

There are a number of groups on the Princeton University campus that support sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Professional Development

PEI is committed to advancing knowledge, creating awareness, and developing the next generation of environmental leaders, whether in academia, government, non-profits, or corporations. Students seeking career opportunities in the environmental field should visit or contact the University's Office of Career Services to look for job opportunities. Students will find valuable resources for environmental/green careers options compiled on this site.

Stay Connected – Resources for Alumni

PEI invites all ENV Certificate alumni to join the PEI-emailing list as well as the PEI Facebook page to stay connected to the PEI community and receive news and events information.

Princeton also offers a number of portals to stay in touch with the Princeton community:

Alana Tornello, 2012

— Alana Tornello, 2012


Peter Florence, 2012

— Peter Florence, 2012
Chemistry Major