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Peter W. Stroh '51 Environmental Thesis Prize

The Peter W. Stroh ’51 Environmental Senior Thesis Prize was established in 2003 as a memorial to Peter W. Stroh ’51, an active member of PEI’s Advisory Council and an enthusiastic supporter of the Environmental Studies Program.

The $2,000 prize is awarded annually to the student who is determined to have written the best thesis on an environmental topic. Academic departments are solicited for nominations in the spring with a limit of one student per academic discipline eligible for consideration. All members of the senior class are eligible to be nominated including students participating in the ENV Certificate Program.


Year Recipient Major Adviser(s) Senior Thesis Title
2018 Julie Pourtois EEB Corina Tarnita A Modeling Approach to Examining the Effect of Viruses on Marine Bacterial Populations in Different Nutrient-Limited Environments
2017 Adrian Tasistro-Hart GEO Blair Schoene and Adam Maloof

Astronomically Forced Hydrology of the Late Cretaceous Sub-Tropical Potosí Basin

2017 Marcus Spiegel CEE James Smith and Lyndon Estes A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Groundwater Potential in Zambia From Geologic and Remotely Sensed Variables
2016 Anna Menke ANT Perry Sherouse Using the Environment to Claim Identity: The Nicaraguan Canal and Indigenous People
2015 Conleigh R. Byers CEE Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe Beyond Grid Parity: Variablity Costs of Incorporation of Intermittent Renewable Energy in the PJM Interconnection
2014 Suchana Costa EEB Lars Hedin Herbivory Constraints on Symbiotic N2-fixers in Young Recovering Tropical Rainforests
2013 Charles H. Brower EEB Simon Levin Modeling Bacterial Pathogen Emergence at the Human-Animal Interface: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 and its Implications for Public Health
2013 Alison D. Gocke HIS Hendrik Hartog Visions of the Land: Cartography and Environmental Philosophy in the Old Northwest
2012 David M. Perel POL Rahul Sagar The Transatlantic Environmental Conflict Explained: How Disparities in Power Distribution have Precluded Environmental Policy Cooperation
2011 Brooks Cabot Barron WWS Denise Mauzerall To Mobilize a Nation: American Public Perception of Climate Change and the Prospects for U.S. Climate Legislation
2010 Caitlin W. Alev ARC Jane Harrison Thatch: Imagining a Sustainable Future Using the World's Oldest Roofing Material
2009 Mark B. Smith (Co-Winner) EEB Stephen Pacala New Approaches to Hydrogen and Methane Production from Aquatic Phototrophs
2009 Robert Weiss (Co-Winner) WWS Denise Mauzerall Towards US-China Cooperation on Climate Change Mitigation: Overcoming Political, Economic, Energy and Trade Obstacles
2008 Ryan Truchelut GEO Anand Gnanadesikan Upper Level Divergence as a Cyclogenesis Predictor
2007 Tiffany G. Wilson (Co-Winner) CEE Eric Wood The Effects of Climate Change on the New York City Water Supply
2007 Margaret W. Arbuthnot (Co-Winner) ANT James Boon Bordering on Extinction: The Mahout-Elephant Relationship in Modern Thailand
2006 Karen Wolfgang ANT Alan Mann (Re)Learning Indigeneity: Transforming Nativeness and Reclaming Experience Through Education in Place
2006 Michael Gottlieb (Honorable Mention) CEE James Smith Missippi River Delta Splays: Controlled Flooding as a Means of Flood Control
2005 Carol J. Rosenfeld CEE Catherine Peters Limitations on Power Production in the Delaware River Basin: Current and Future Cooling Water Use
2004 Celia Riechel ANT John Borneman Perspectives on Logging in Oregon's National Forests
2004 Kristin L. Thanavaro (Honorable Mention) EEB Simon Levin Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS): Analysis of Uneven Spread Dynamics and Prospects for a Future Outbreak
2003 Terrence Allen McCloskey GEO Gerta Keller 5000 Year Record of Hurrican Strikes on the Central Coast of Belize
2003 Adeline Jane Peff (Honorable Mention) POL Jeffrey Herbst From Amboseli to Laikipia