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Environmental Studies Senior Thesis Prize

The $1,000 Environmental Studies Senior Thesis Prize is awarded annually to a senior in the Environmental Studies Certificate Program who has written an outstanding thesis in the broad area of Environmental Studies. Student nominations are made by departmental thesis advisers.


Year Recipient Major Adviser(s) Senior Thesis Title
2018 Lindsey Conlan CEE Claire White Two Waste Streams, One Solution: Reclaiming Concrete Aggregate and Treating Acid Mine Drainage Through a Synergistic Recycling Process
2017 Zoe Sims EEB Stephen Pacala Where the Groundwater Meets the Sea: Ecological Impacts of Nutrient-Enriched Groundwater Discharge on Bermuda's Near-Shore Coral Reefs
2016 EJ Baik CEE Michael Celia Assessment of Enhanced Gas Recovery from C02 Injection into Shale Gas Wells
2015 Jonathan J. Choi EEB David Wilcove Tropical Forest Restoration on Cattle Pastures in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica
2014 Maura o'Brien ART Martha Friedman and Rachel Delue Chrysalid
2013 Lauren A. Bleakney WWS Barbara Bodine Against the Current: Egyptian Water Policy for a New Domestic and International Context
2012 Alexandra K. Deprez ANT Carol Greenhouse Nature Re-Visioned: An Ethnographic Diary from the Peruvian Amazon
2012 Peter R. Florence (Honorable Mention) CHM Jeffrey Schwartz Dipole Design for Organic Electronic Devices
2012 Rebecca A. Scharfstein (Honorable Mention) WWS Mark Watson Unintended Consequences: The Effect of Mortgage Credit Expansion on Residential Energy Consumption in California
2011 Hannah Barkley EEB Stephen W. Pacala Establishing Links Between Basin-Scale Climate and the Growth of Atlantic Corals: The Effect of Temperature and Feeding on Flavia fragum 
2011 Samuel Talcott Borchard CEE Blanko Glisic Leave No Trace: Designing a Zero Waste Bridge on the Appalachian Trail
2010 Martina Car ANT Alan Mann Evolene: A Case Study of the Challenges to Sustainable Development in Alpine Agro-Pastoral Systems
2010 Ruth N. Metzel EEB Stephen W. Pacala From "Finca" to Forest: Forest Cover Change and Land Management in Los Santos, Panama
2009 Jennifer S. Palmer ECO Smita Brunnermeier The Unintended Consequences of Environmental Regulation: An Empirical Analysis of the Changing Structure of the United States Dairy Industry
2009 Holger J. Staude ECO Henry Farber The Impact of the Clear Air Interstate Rule of 2005 on Electric Utilities: Evidence from the Stock Market
2008 Anna Offit (First Prize) ANT Carol Greenhouse Imagism Re-Imagined: An Ethnographic Approach to Ezra Pound's Modernist "Invention"
2008 Rachel Rothschild (Honorable Mention) HIS Angela Creager The Light of Genius: James Croll's Theory on Climate
2007 Alexis Schaitkin (First Prize) COM Chang-Rae Lee Warp and Weft Stories
2007 Edward A. Burgess (Honorable Mention) CHM Michael Bender Investigating the Buildup of the Greenland Ice Sheet from the Chemical Composition of Trapped Gasses in GISP2 Silty Ice
2006 Karis Gong WWS Anne-Marie Slaughter Exporting Sustainability: A Proposal to Reduce the Climate Impact of the Export-Import Bank of the United States
2006 Kathryn Fiorella EEB Rachael Winfree, Claire Krement Reserve Site Selection: A Case Study of Madagascar
2005 Kyle Meng CEE Mike Celia, Bob Williams Identifying Opportunities for Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Projects in China
2004 Stephanie J. Tatham POL George Hawkins Groundwater Protection in New Jersey: Significance, Current Governance and the Potential for Further Protection
2004 Aniece L. Gerrard (Honorable Mention) EEB Rosemary Grant Fishing Impacts and Management Policy of the English Sole Population in Hecate Strait, British Columbia
2003 Cynthia S. Lin CEE Eric Wood Contexctualizing Scarcity: Approaches to Integrating Global Water Scarcity Indicators with the Driving Forces of Social Response
2003 Peter August Nelson CEE James Smith Evolution of Hydrologic Response and Channel Morphology in an Urban Drainage Basin in the Maryland Piedmont
2002 Sarah Jane White CHE Satish Myneni Influence of Elevated Soil-CO2 on Mineral Weathering and Soil Biogeochemistry, Mammouth Mountain, CA
2002 Sarah Helen Labun (Honorable Mention) WWS   The Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact: An Economic Tool for Environmental Protection in Rural New England
2002 Aaron Forrest ARC   The Los Angeles Aqueduct: A Landscape Atlas
2002 Babar Sultan (Honorable Mention) ECO   Daily Emissions Tax: The Search for Efficiency in Controlling Tropospheric Ozone Levels
2002 Melissa Hagstrum (Honorable Mention) ENG William Howarth Placing People: Louise Erdrich and the Dakota Landscape
2002 Brooke Owens (Honorable Mention) HIS   The 1837 Smallpox Epidemic at Fort Clark: An Extended Analysis of the Destruction of the Mandan Employing Disease, Biological, Cultural, and Environmental Variables
2001 Daniel Weitz EEB Jim Gould Space, Systems and Synergy: The History of Biosphere 2
2001 Heather Swanson ANT   Like a Salmon Returning Home: Travels of a 'Native' Anthropologist Along the Lower Columbia River
2001 Anthony Broadman (Honorable Mention) ENG Anne Matthews In the Backcountry: Trail Crew in Sequoia National Park
2001 Phillip A. Buffa (Honorable Mention) ECO   The Case of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker: An Economic Analysis of the Perverse Incentive Created by the Endangered Species Act
2000 Joy Bucher EEB Andrew Dobson Long Canyon, Idaho: Protection of a Wilderness Area
2000 Marian Rollins Classics Rosamund E. Fantham Malaria in Ancient Times - A Problem in Greece and Italy?
1999 Emma Owings POL Kent Eaton Forest Resource Use and Allocation in Chile
1999 Lisa Gomes-Casseres EEB Henry Horn From Unbroken Forests to Suburban Sprawl: The Influence of Soil on Natural and Human History in Princeton and Vicinity
1998  Sarah Finklestein EEB Stephen Hubbell An Ecological Study of the Seedlings in a Panamanian Forest
1998 Talebb Noormohamed WWS Jerome Clinton Establishing a Success: The Isma'ili Community and its Settlement in Canada
1998 Jonathan Tze EEB Burton Singer Serengeti III: Reintegrating People, Disease Management, and Conservation Policy in the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem