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Environmental Studies Book Prize

Established in 2017, the Environmental Studies Book Prize recognizes students in four categories for outstanding senior-thesis research and the ability to communicate the results and significance of their work. The awards are presented in the areas of Environmental Humanities, Environmental Science, Environmental Social Science and Engineering. Candidates are interviewed by PEI faculty and members of the institute's executive committee, who then select the winners.


Year Award Area Recipient Major Adviser(s) Senior Thesis Title
2018 Environmental Humanities Patrick Rooney ART Su Friedrich Fishing the Short Run
2018 Environmental Humanities Emma Watkins ENG Robert Sandberg Stories on the Wind: The Use of Environmental Soundscapes in Theatrical Contexts
2018 Environmental Social Sciences Mark Goldstein WWS Denise Mauzerall Climate Change in American National Parks: Impacts, Management, Communication and Public Perception
2018 Environmental Social Sciences Sam Rob WWS David Wilcove Reconciling Bioenergy and Food Production in Cuba: A Case for Integrating Competing Agricultural Models in the Caribbean’s Largest Island
2018 Environmental Science Michelle Greenfield EEB Daniel Rubenstein Effect of Anthropogenic Injuries on the Social Associations of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Sarasota Bay, Florida
2018 Environmental Science Sonia Howlett EEB Andrew Dobson Potential for Competition Between Introduced Cattle and Endemic Giant Tortoises on Santa Cruz, Galápagos
2018 Environmental Engineering Ailyn Brizo CEE Peter Jaffé Feasibility and Environmental Implications of Urine Utilization Technologies in the Developing World
2017 Environmental Humanities Janice Sung ART Rachel DeLue Place, Performance, and Possibility: Interconnectivity in William Sidney Mount's "The Power of Music"
2017 Environmental Science Christian Gray CHM Lars Hedin Lock-and-Key Model Incompatible with Tropical Panamanian Legumes
2017 Environmental Social Science Brett Usinger WWS Christopher Chyba Beyond the Pale Blue Dot: Sustainability in Space Resource Policy