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T.A. Barron Prize for Environmental Leadership

The T. A. Barron Prize for Environmental Leadership recognizes a member of the graduating class who has distinguished himself or herself by showing exceptional dedication to environmental concerns, not only in formal classes and independent academic work, but also by leading and encouraging activities among fellow students and in the community at large. 

Nominations are limited to one student per academic department.  A seconding letter that addresses the student’s contributions to environmental leadership is also required.  A $5,000 prize is awarded.


Year Recipient Major Adviser(s) Senior Thesis Title
2018 Christopher Shin WWS David Wilcove Cost-Benefit Analysis of Tourism in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China
2017 Shannon Osaka IND Emmanual Kreike Modeling the Anthropocene: Agency in a Climate-Changed World
2016 Rebecca Lowy GEO Satish Myneni Arsenic Adsorption on Fe-oxides mixed with Mn-oxides: Potential of Fe-Mn Nanocrystalline Coated Calcite Grains for Filtration of Arsenic Contaminated Drinking Water
2015 Damaris Miller ANT Susan Ellison The Practice of Knowing: Environmental Education and Action in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
2014 Stephen Moch WWS Michael Schwartz Driving Down Emissions - Improving the Environmental Efficacy of Federal Electric Vehicle Deployment Policy
2013 Caroline Y. Jo WWS Denise Mauzerall Leveraging Private Interests for the Public Good: Foreign Actors and Non-Institutionalized Citizen Activism in China's Environmental Governance
2012 Madelon F. Case EEB Simon Levin Gopher Mound Disturbance and Plant Community Dynamics in Montane Meadows
2011 Daniel S. Growald EEB  Lars Hedin Can Biochar and Biofuels Save Wastelands and the Climate?
2010 Henry R. Barmeier WWS Xenia Morin Why is Government in the Garden? Case Studies of Resilient Co-Governance in Urban Community Gardening Programs
2009 Ruth Schwab EEB Stuart Altmann, Henry Horn From Wild Apples to Modern Cultivars: Chemical Profile Changes of Sugars, Acids, and the Phenolics Over Selective Time

Environmental Leadership Prize (Replaced with T.A. Barron Leadership Prize in 2009)

Year Recipient Major Adviser(s) Senior Thesis Title
2008 Kathryn D. Andersen FIT Pietro Frassica Il Gusto del Piacere e della Salute: Italian Gastronomy in Platina's De Honesta Voluptate et Valetudine and in Carlo Petrini's Slow Food Movement
2007 Ellen E. Zuckerman GEO Daniel Sigman Carbonate Associated Nitrate Analysis
2006 Erica Lee PHI Michael Smith The Concept of Moral Obligation and the Overridingness Thesis
2005 Christina M. Harris ANT Lawrence Rosen The Structural Poverty of Agricultural Laborers: A Consequence of the Colonial South Eastern Agricultural System
2004 Jennifer N. Brudno EEB Lars Hedin An Assessment of the Response of Nitrogen Fixation to Fertilization Treatment in a Panamanian Lowland Rainforest Using Stable Isotopes
2003 Brooke Kelsey Jack WWS Michael Oppenheimer Global Cooperation for Local Implementation: Achieving International Sustainable Development Commitments
2002 Elizabeth Marie Bernier EEB Simon Levin The Distribution of Native Bees in an Intensive Agricultural Area
2002 Sarah Helen Labun WWS   The Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact: An Economic Tool for Environmental Protection in Rural New England
2000 Constance Foster WWS   New Zealand Conservation Policy and the Protection of the Rare Yellow-Eyed Penguin
2000 Elizabeth Singleton WWS David Bradford Finding a Balance: Designing Policy as a Tool for Sustainable Development in Botswana
1999 Michael Wendschuh WWS Andrew Dobson The Impact of Social Persuasion Techniques in the Audiovisual Media on Environmental Policies: A Cognitive-Psychological Assessment
1999 Robyn Williams ANT   Green Consumerism: The Populariation of an Ethic
1998 Christopher Shepard EEB Henry Horn A Place to Grow: Ecological History of the Princeton-Blairstown Center
1998 Danielle Busche EEB Thomas P. Coombs-Hahn Vitellogenin and Triglycerides in the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia Leucophrys Oriantha): A Study on Reproduction and the Effect of Pollution
1998 David Grossman POL Garvey Can't See the Forest for the Trees: The American National Forest Protection Movement