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Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

Eligible Princeton first-year students, sophomores, and juniors are able to apply for up to three positions. Please send any questions to

Summer 2019 Application Deadlines:
November 26, 2018 – Applications open in Global Programs System (GPS)
January 11, 2019 - Application deadline for PEI Established Internships
February 21, 2019 – Application deadline for Student-Initiated Internships

 Summer 2018 internship opportunities are posted below.

Alternative Energy

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Arnold Research Group Design of new materials for multivalent battery systems    Filled
Arnold Research Group Safer Lithium Batteries Through Control of Lithium Plating    Filled
Energy Systems Analysis Group Modeling Deep Decarbonization of the Electric Power Grid   Closed
Energy Systems Analysis Group Understanding Contributions of Bioenergy to Mid-Century Decarbonization in the US    Filled
Lightening Energy Electrical Engineering for High Rate Recharging Vehicles    Filled
Lightening Energy Financial Modeling and Optimization for Electric Mobility Business    Filled
Lightening Energy Mechanical Engineering and Design for High Rate Recharging Vehicles    Filled
PPPL Lithium Vapor Box Divertor   Closed
PPPL Clean, small fusion reactors    Filled
PPPL and Los Alamos National Laboratory Safeguards for Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plants   Closed

Biodiversity and Conservation

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Hedin Lab Linking Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in the Legume-Rhizobia Symbiosis (New!)    Filled
BIOS Impacts of Seasonal Fluctuations in Fish Community Composition on the Feeding Patterns of Invasive Lionfish in Bermuda     Filled
BIOS Assessing Dynamics of Coral Reef Functioning on Different Temporal Scales     Filled
BIOS Acclimation dynamics of a tropical coral to a temperature-induced disturbance event     Filled
BIOS Determining Biodiversity Responses to Invasive Species Management     Filled
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) The Present and Future of Sport Fishing China    Filled
Mpala Research Centre Super Seed Dispersers: Would you rather be eaten by an elephant or baboon?


Mpala Research Centre Teaching Assistant for Conservation Clubs    Filled
Mpala Research Centre Impact of Grazing Regimes on Rangeland Quality and Wildlife Livetock Use    Filled
Pringle Lab Plant Traits and Animal Diet on the African Savanna    Filled
Pringle Lab Ecological Dynamics of African Herbivores During the Reintroduction of Leopards    Filled
Pringle/Tarnita Labs Large mammal ecology in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique   Closed
Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Drivers of Variability in Exploited Marine Fish Populations    Filled
Riehl Lab Effects of El Niño Rainfall Patterns on the Population Dynamics of a Tropical Bird    Filled
Stoddard Lab Climate Change and Plant-Pollinator Interactions in the Rocky Mountains    Filled

 Climate/Environmental Science

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
BIOS Implications of decreasing dissolved oxygen concentrations for nitrous oxide production    Filled
Climate Central Communicating Solutions to Climate Change    Filled
Interfacial Water Group Mineral-Organic Interactions in Soils    Filled
Maloof Earth History Group How are Changes in Sealevel and Water Chemistry Recorded in Bahamian Carbonate?   Closed
Onstott Lab Who is Oxidizing All the Earth's Atmospheric CH4?   Closed
Onstott Lab; Avalos Research Group Strip Methane From the Atmosphere II: Engineering E. Coli for Methane Oxidation   Closed
Onstott Lab; Peters Research Group Strip Methane from the Atmosphere I: Bioengineered Composites   Closed
Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Estimating POC Fluxes in the Southern Ocean From Bio-Optical Sensors on Profiling Floats    Filled
Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Understanding Gas Exchange Through Sea Ice Using Biogeochemical Profiling Floats    Filled
Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Analyzing the 2016/2017 Southern Ocean Heat Wave    Filled
Resplandy Lab Ocean Eddies and Biological Carbon Pump   Closed
Schoene and Maloof Groups The Last Great Ice Age and the Dinosaur Extinction Recorded in Rocks in Bolivia    Filled
Smits Fluid Mechanics Lab Modeling Urban Heat Islands   Closed
Ward Lab Phytoplankton growth rate measured by DNA sequence analysis    Filled
Ward Lab Nitrogen Cycling in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Ocean    Filled
Zhang Microbial Biogeochemistry Lab Nitrogen Fixation and Cellular Redox Hemostasis Barnegat Bay    Filled
Zhang Microbial Biogeochemistry Lab How Does Light Affect Microbial Nitrogen Fixation and H2 Production?   Closed


 Environment & Health

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Anthropology/Civil and Environmental Engineering Measuring and Modeling Historical Environmental Exposures in Philadelphia (New!)    Filled
Atmospheric Chemistry and Composition Lab Fingerprinting Air Quality at Neighborhood Scales (New!)   Closed
Environmental Fluid Mechanics Lab Mobile Urban Sensing Technologies (New!)    Filled
Myneni Group Ensuring the sustainability of perovskites, a potentially transformative solar material    Filled
Ethnographic Data Visualization Lab Environmental Exposure and Child Development: Evidence from the Krogman Growth Study    Filled
Onstott Lab Environmental Impact of Natural Gas Pipelines on Water Quality    Filled
Smits Fluid Mechanics Lab Scalar Transport in Jets as a Model for Pollution Dispersion   Closed
Stone Complex Fluids Group Electrokinetics for Separation of Particles and Potential Water Purification Filled


 Urban Adaptation & Resilience

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Adriaenssens Group Princeton University Resilient City Lab     Closed
Deike Lab Breaking Waves in Shallow Water and on Coastal Structures      Filled
Environmental Defense Fund EDF Policy and Community Engagement Air Monitoring Project      Filled
Guy Nordenson/Architecture Jamaica Bay NY Coastal Resiliency and Climate Adaptation      Filled
Guy Nordenson/Architecture NYC Pier 52/ Day's End Ecological History Research      Filled
Hurricane Hazards and Risk Analysis Research Group Hurricane Storm Surge and Wave Modeling Visualization      Filled
Smits Fluid Mechanics Lab Helmholtz Resonators for Energy Harvesting      Filled


 Watersheds & Agriculture

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Developing a Framework for Multi-Benefit Groundwater Replenishment and Trading    Filled
Pacala Lab Improving the Yield of Edible Flowers in Vertical Farming Systems    Filled
Pacala Lab Seeds and Cuttings to Improve Vertical Farms Productivity   Closed
Pacala Lab Impact of Microbiome bacteria on Plant yield and Iron Acquisition    Filled
Porporato Research Group Watershed Classification for Assessing Flood Risk from Extreme Weather Events   Closed
Rubenstein Lab Human Diets, Agriculture and the Environment Apply
Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association Deer Exclosure Efficacy    Closed
Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association Floating Wetland Nutrient Removal Study    Closed
Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association Evaluating green infrastructure projects for stormwater mitigation    Closed
Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association Comprehensive water quality monitoring study of Jacob's Creek    Filled
Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association Investigation of municipal ordinances to protect the environment    Filled
Zhang Microbial Biogeochemistry Lab Manipulating Hydroponic Microbiomes to Improve Vertical Farm Yield and Sustainability    Closed

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