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Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

Summer 2017 internship opportunities are posted below. Eligible Princeton freshmen, sophomores, and juniors may apply for up to three positions. Please send any questions to

Alternative Energy

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Avalos Group Synthetic Biology for the Sustainable Production of Biofuels and Chemicals Apply Now
Energy Systems Analysis Group Advanced Generation and Storage Technologies for a Deeply Decarbonized Power Grid Closed
Energy Systems Analysis Group Low Net-Carbon Emission Biomass-Based Transportation Scenarios in the U.S. Closed
Environmental Defense Fund Clean Energy Intern Closed
Koel Group Generation of Fuels from Cold Plasma Catalysis of Natural Gas  Closed
Koel Group Hydrogen Uptake and Retention in Li Films for Plasma-Materials Interactions  Closed
Koel Group Photoelectrochemistry at Modified Hematite (α-Fe2O3) Surfaces for Renewable H2  Closed
Lightening Energy Thermal Modeling and Design for High Rate Recharging Vehicles  Apply Now
Lightening Energy Electrical Engineering for High Rate Recharging Vehicles  Closed
Lightening Energy Financial Modeling and Optimization for Electric Vehicle Business and Networking  Closed
Loo Group Elucidating Charge Transport Mechanisms in Polymer Field-Effect Transistors Closed
Office of Sustainability Educational Graphic Design and Communications Internship for Yellowstone National Park Sustainability Apply Now
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Clean Small Fusion Reactors Closed
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Lithium Vapor Box Divertor Closed

Biodiversity and Conservation

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) CORAL: COral Reef Airborne Laboratory 
(Note: A reference letter is required. See page 2 for details.)
EEB and Teacher Prep Developing a Field-Based Data Science Curriculum Closed
Environmental Defense Fund Habitat Exchange Intern Closed
Environmental Defense Fund Research Intern - Oceans Program Closed
Princeton University Art Museum The Ecocritical Exhibition Closed
Pringle Group Plant-Herbivore Interactions at the Scale of the African Continent  Closed
Pringle Group Dynamics of the Restoration of an African Savanna Apply Now
Pringle Group Plant Defenses in an African Savanna: Do Herbivores Make Plants More Thorny? Closed
Rubenstein Group  Drones, drones everywhere: New tools for high definition rangeland assessment (New!) Closed
Rubenstein Group Impact of Grazing Regimes on Rangeland Quality and Wildlife and Livestock Use Closed
Rubenstein Group Parasite Levels in Zebras and Co-Occurring Domesticated Donkeys Closed
Rubenstein Group Teaching Assistant for Conservation Clubs Closed
Tarnita Group The Spatial Ecology of African Savanna Herbivores in the Absence of Predation Apply Now

 Climate/Environmental Science

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Estimating POC Fluxes in the Southern Ocean from Bio-Optical Sensors on Profiling Floats Apply Now
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Impact Bubble Injection During Air Sea Gas Exchange on Modeled Oxygen Closed
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Extreme Climates in Tropical Coral Reefs Closed
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Changing Carbon Cycle and ENSO Dynamics Under 21st Century Climate Change Closed
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) Hurricane Storm Surge Assessment Risk
(Note: A reference letter is required. See page 2 for details.)
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) Studies on the Ecophysiology of Tropical Corals
(Note: A reference letter is required. See page 2 for details.)
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) Acclimation Dynamics of a Tropical Coral to a Temperature-Induced Disturbance Event
(Note: A reference letter is required. See page 2 for details.)
Climate Central Visualizing the Potential for Negative GHG Emissions in the U.S. Closed
Deike Group Bubbles in a Turbulent Environment  Apply Now
Form Finding Lab Novel Storm Surge Barriers for Coastal Cities Apply Now
Garlock Group Princeton University Resilient City Lab Closed
GuyotPhysics GuyotPhysics - Geophysical Studies of Princeton and Beyond Closed
Maloof Earth History Group How are changes in the sea level and water chemistry recorded in Bahamian carbonate? Closed
Prospect New Orleans Living with the Mississippi Film Project Apply Now
Mauzerall Group Measurement of Methane Leakage from Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Apply Now
Onstott and Lau Groups Who is Oxidizing All the Earth's Atmospheric CH4? Apply Now
Pacala Group Evaluating Plant Sensitivity to Climate Change Closed
Regional Corridors of Resilience and Equity Design Research, Collaboration and Education for Regional Planning and Resilience Apply Now
Resplandy Group Variability in Oxygen Minimum Zones  Closed
Schoene Group Calibrating climate records with 16 million yr old volcanic rocks, NW USA  Apply Now
Sigman Group Coral Reef Nutrient Cycling: A Stable Isotope of the Bermuda Reefs Apply Now
Smits Group Heat Exchange Measurements in a Model Urban Streetscape Apply Now
Smits Group Wind Driven Oscillations of Signs and Billboards Apply Now
Stone Group Experimental Studies of Diffusiophoresis with Environmental Applications Closed
Vecchi Group Impact of Tropical Cyclone Intensity on Climate  Closed
Zhang Group Controls on the 15N Fractionation of N2 Fixation Closed
Zhang and Morel Groups Understanding the Factors Influencing Alternative Biological N Fixation in Cryptogams Closed




Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
DC Water Water Quality  Closed
DC Water Wastewater Treatment  Closed
Fishadelphia Develop Model for Alternative Seafood Distribution Chain Closed
Higgins Group Lead in the Human Environment: A No-Cost Monitoring Program for Trenton, NJ Closed
Onstott Group Environmental Impact of Natural Gas Pipelines on Water Quality Closed
Working Landscapes Assess Viability of Rural Greenway Network Apply Now

 Technologies for Environmental Study

Organization/Research Group Name Project Description Application
Higgins and Zhang Groups Potassium Homeostasis in Eukaryotes: Insights from Potassium Isotopes  Closed

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