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Former Field Research Projects: 2006

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Proposal Title Fund
Alvarez Suzanne EEB 2006 Lars Hedin Riparian Zone Effects on Neotropical Stream Geomorphology & Macroinvertebrate Communities: A Study of Six Streams in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica Hayes
Arnold Kristen EEB 2006 Henry Horn An Investigation of White-tailed Deer Trails as Indicators of Movement Patterns and Landscape Usage at Stony Ford Field Center Hayes
Atwater Thomas EEB 2006 Lars Hedin Interspecies Assistance: Reduced Herbivory on Tropical Rubiaceae Facilitated by Inga Proximity Hayes
Bellan Steve EEB 2006 Christopher
Wikelski Martin
Male Mate Choice in the Fiddler Crab Uca Terpsichores Hayes
Brown Megan EEB 2006 Andrew Dobson African Elephant Conservation: An Assessment of the Ivory Trade Ban Hayes
Chang Celine EEB 2006 Christopher
Wikelski Martin
Reconstructing the Evolution of Cryptochrome, a Circadian 
Rhythm Protein
Cheng Caroline EEB 2006 Michaela Hau Avian Malaria and Immune Defense Strategies in Invasive Birds of Hawaii: Do Species' Immune Defense Strategies Correlate with Their Invasion Success Dodge
Cotruvo Joseph CHM 2006 Edward Stiefel The Trichodesmium Erythraeum Dps Protein: Thermal Stability and Ferritin-like Core Structure and Magnetism Hayes
Darby Devan EEB 2006 Andrew Dobson Patterns of Spatial Spread and Climate: A Reanalysis of Cholera Incidence in Bengal Dodge
Dean Jennie EEB 20069 Stephen Pacala The Comparative Efficacy of Artificial and Natural Reefs of South Florida: Trends in Fish Community Abundance and Diversity Dodge
Evensen Darrick WWS 2006 David Wilcove The Cry of the Loon: A New Conservation Ethic Based on the Positive Effects that Exposure to Nature has on Environmental Consciousness Hayes
Fiorella Kathryn EEB 2006 Rachael Winfree Reserve Site Selection: A Case Study of Madagascar Hayes
Galland Morgan EEB 2006 Barbara Rosemary Grant Long-Term Changes in Structure and Dynamics of Mixed-Species Flocks in a Hawaiian Forest Hayes
Hamming Brian EEB 2006 Peter Raymond Grant Biological Control of an Invasive Plant, Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria), Using Mass-reared Galerucella Beetles Hayes
Lix Courtney EEB 2006 Rachael Winfree Tradeoffs in the Protection of Rare and Common Plant Species in Madagascar Hayes
Lele Maya EEB 2006 Michaela Hau The Effect of Food and Social Cues on Song Production in Male Australian Zebra Finches Hayes
Leroux Eric EEB 2006 Andrew Dobson HIV/AIDS in Rural Kenya: Understanding a Unique Epidemic Hayes
MacQueen Ian EEB 2006 Simon Levin Variation in Spawning Age and Body Size of Adult Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) in Scottish Rivers in Relation to River Length, Flow Rate, and Water Temperature Hayes
Williams Brenda EEB 2006 Daniel Rubenstein Evaluating the Effects of an Ultrasonic Deterrent on Suburban White-Tailed Deer Hayes
Westwood Laura EEB 2006 Rachael Winfree Habitat Use by Wild Bees in a Human-Altered Landscape Hayes
Wolfgang Karen ANT 2006 Alan Mann (Re)Learning Indigeneity:Transforming Nativeness and Reclaiming Experience Through Education in Place Hayes