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Senior Thesis Titles: 2006

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Carter Keala SOC 2006 Patricia Fernandez-Kelly Understanding Environmentalism: As an Expression of Identity
Chuang Dean ECO 2006 Smita Brunnermeier The Effectiveness of Incentives for the Development of Renewable Energy: Working Toward an Econometric Model
Dean Jennie EEB 2006 Stephen W. Pacala The Comparative Efficacy of Artificial and Natural Reefs of South Florida: Trends in Fish Community Abundance and Diversity
Evensen Darrick WWS 2006 David Wilcove The Cry of the Loon: A New Conservation Ethic Based on the Positive Effects that Exposure to Nature has on Environmental Consciousness
Feldt Megan MOL 2006 Alison Gammie Characterization of the Nuclear Import of Yeast Msh2p, Msh3p, and Msh6p
Fiorella Kathryn EEB 2006 Rachael Winfree Reserve Site Selection: A Case Study of Madagascar
Galie Peter MAE 2006 Yiguang Ju Design and Analysis of a Novel, Two-Staged Micro-Scale Combustor
Galland Morgan EEB 2006 Rosemary Grant Long-Term Changes in Structure and Dynamics of Mixed-Species Flocks in a Hawaiian Forest
Gong Karis WWS 2006 Anne-Marie Slaughter Exporting Sustainability: A Proposal to Reduce the Climate Impact of the Export-Import Bank of the United States
Gottlieb Michael CEE 2006 James A. Smith Mississippi River Delta Splays: Controlled Flooding as a Means of Flood Control
Howard Elizabeth CHE 2006 Jay Benziger The Design of Optimal Material Combinations for the Membrane Electrode Assembly of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Lammers Emily EEB 2006 David Wilcove A Comparison of Recent Endemic Avifauna Conservation in New Zealand and Hawaii
Law David ARC 2006 Mario Gandelsonas Transnational Mimicry: Constructing a New Lifestyle in the Chinese Capital
Lee Erica PHI 2006 Michael A. Smith The Concept of Moral Obligation and the Overridingness Thesis
Lix Courtney EEB 2006 Rachael Winfree Tradeoffs in the Protection of Rare and Common Plant Species in Madagascar
Mims Matthew ANT 2006 James A. Boon Confronting Species-ism: Envisioning an End to Ideologies of Difference in the Reconciliation of Ecological Communities
Muir Andrew HIS 2006 Frank J. Popper Nineteenth Century Tourism on the Maine Coast: Creating a New Industry
Mullen Elizabeth HIS 2006 Emmanuel H. Kreike Biodynamic Farming from Rudolf Steiner to Mike Benziger: A Dynamic Revolution from the Inside-Out
Rich Robert POL 2006 Tamsin K. Shaw An Ecological Critique of Liberal Freedom
Ryan Christine HIS 2006 Thorin R. Tritter Addressing AIDS: An Investigation of the American Media's Response to the Epidemic, 1981-1983
Safir Jesse EEB 2006 Lars Hedin A Preliminary Analysis for Ecosystem Service Valuation: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling in the Boston Harbor
Scribner Elizabeth HIS 2006 Helen Tilley Mining Technology in the Coalfields of North-Central Alabama: Worker Safety and Environmental Health, 1825-1915
Stone Allison GEO 2006 Michael Oppenheimer Wetland Methane Emissions: Sensitivity of a Process-Based Methane Model to Environmental Factors
Stover John SOC 2006 Alejandro Portes College Alcohol Use and the Athletic Team Environment
Waite Marilyn CEE 2006 Catherine Peters The Water Aspects of Sustainable Construction: Greenery, Water and Waste in Panama and Kenya
Weissbard Ron CHE 2006 Craig Arnold Laser Direct Write Processing of Embedded Microbatteries
Williams Susan WWS 2006 Eric Larson China's Energy Policy and U.S. Responses: Towards Greater Sino-U.S. Cooperation over Energy Issues
Wolfgang Karen ANT 2006 Alan Eugene Mann (Re)learning Indigeneity:Transforming Nativeness and Reclaiming Experience Through Education in Place