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Senior Thesis Titles: 2005

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Allen Sarah PSY 2005 Joan Stern Girgus Psychological Factors Influencing the Decision to Undergo Genetic Testing for Inherited BRCA1/2 Mutations
Andrews Steven GEO 2005 Michael Oppenheimer Coal Seam, Mine, and Waste Bank Fires: Impacts on Climate Change and Potential Solutions under the Kyoto Protocol
Arechiga Jacob POL 2005 Brandice Canes-Wrone Superfund Reauthorization Efforts in the 103rd Congress: The Effect of Party Led Gridlock on Lawmaking
Austin Jennifer WWS 2005 Michael Oppenheimer Global Warming and the Fuel Economy of Cars in America
Barbrow Sarah EEB 2005 Stephen W. Pacala Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Autotrophic Carbon Isotope Signatures within a Temperate Lake
Bensted Amy EEB 2005 Simon Levin Rocky Intertidal Community Interactions: Under What Conditions do Top-Down or Bottom-Up Forces Dominate?
Bilir Lisa ORF 2005 Erik VanMarcke Comparing Costs Under Uncertainty: An Application of Markov Chains to Region-Based Water Management in California
Brown Alexandra EEB 2005 Andrew Dobson The Impact of Human Presence, Protected Areas, and Habitat Gradients on the Densities and Distributions of Large Mammal Wildlife Populations in the Tropical Forests of Republic of Congo and Gabon: A Multivariate Analysis of Michael Fay's MegaTransect
Catsouphes Marcus WWS 2005 Diane Snyder Improving Human Source Intelligence Collection
Cooper Matthew GEO 2005 Satish Myneni Speciation and Phytoaccumulation of Arsenic Released from CCA-Treated Wood
Dittmann Stephen CEE 2005 James Smith Investigating Detachment Fold Shortening in the Yakeng Anticline, China: An Excess Area and Imaginary Analysis
Gibson Lucas EEB 2005 David Wilcove Are Native Predators Endangering Prey Species in the Sierra Nevadas & Channel Islands of California? Two Cases Studies in Apparent Competition
Graef Dana EEB 2005 Rosemary Grant The Life of the Forgotten (La Vida de los Olvidados): The Impact of Development on Environment and Tradition in the Boruca Indigenous Community of Costa Rica
Harris Christina ANT 2005 Lawrence Rosen The Structural Poverty of Agricultural Laborers: A Consequence of the Colonial South Eastern Agricultural System
Hunt Clare POL 2005 Jameson Wallace Doig Protecting Our Vital "Blue Gold": Insights From A Comparison of Three International Water Commissions
Meng Kyle CEE 2005 Michael Celia Identifying Opportunities for Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Projects in China
Oberdoerster Uta EEB 2005 Peter Grant Every 17 Years: Three Studies on Periodical Cicadas
Rosenfeld Carol CEE 2005 Catherine Peters Limitations on Power Production in the Delaware River Basin: Current and Future Cooling Water Use
Saltz Julia EEB 2005 James Gould Characterizing Gambusia affinis Anti-Predator Behavior: From Schooling to Surveillance
Savard Michelle EEB 2005 Claire Kremen Sulfate and Nitrate Deposition to Balsam Fir: Measured Across an Elevational Gradient on Mt. Washington, White Mountains, New Hampshire
Scribner Charles HIS 2005 Frank J. Popper The HIS of Waterkeeper Alliance: An International Grassroots Movement Flows from the Hudson
Smith Laura CEE 2005 James Smith Active Deformation of the Jid Fault, Mongolian Altai
Soroka Teresa CHM 2005 Istvan Pelczer NMR-Based Metabomic Investigations of Saliva: To Advance Medical Diagnostics and Analytical Opportunities for Other Scientific Fields
Thorpe Evan EAS 2005 Gilbert Rozman Possibilities for a Global City in China: Comparing the Standing of Shanghai, Beijing And Hong Kong in the Global Economy
Walsh Jonathan EEB 2005 Claire Kremen The Value of Native Bee Pollination to Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum) Production in New Jersey
Whitty Tara EEB 2005 Dan Rubenstein Parasite Loads in Zebras: The Influence of Sociality, Life HIS, and Ecology
Zebrowski Mariah POL 2005 Michael Oppenheimer The POL of Climate Change: Australia, the United States, and the Kyoto Protocol