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Senior Thesis Titles: 2004

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Bingham Wendy POL 2004 David Wilcove Political Shortfalls in the Great Plains: A Discussion of the Buffalo Commons
Brudno Jennifer EEB 2004 Lars Hedin An Assessment of the Response of Nitrogen Fixation to Fertilization Treatment in a Panamanian Lowland Rainforest Using Stable Isotope
Chyun Evan GEO 2004 Bess B. Ward Real-Time PCR Quantification of Nitrate Transporter Gene Expression in Marine Diatoms
Gerrard Aniece EEB 2004 Rosemary B. Grant Fishing Impacts and Management Policy of the English Sole Population in Hecate Strait, British Columbia
Hammitt Sarah GEO 2004 Satish Myneni Influence of Coal Combustion Gases on Metal Mobility and Plant Uptake, Centralia, PA
Johnson Hallett HIS 2004 Emmanuel H. Kreike UN-United Nations: A HIS of United Nations Intervention in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa
Kim John EEB 2004 Claire Kremen Effects of Cultivation and Proximity to Natural Habitat on Ground-Nesting Native Bees in California Sunflower Fields
Lu Lu ANT 2004 James Alexander Boon From Girls to Women: Growing Up Too Fast in Belize
Murakami Kiriko MUS 2004 Barbara Ann White Reflection for Full Orchestra
Proujansky Aaron EEB 2004 David Stern The Biogeographic HIS of the Pantropical Medicinal Plant Morinda citrifolia (Rubiaceae) Based on Analysis of Nuclear Markers
Schmuke Juliana POL 2004 Michael Oppenheimer Governing a Global Commons: The Effectiveness of the Antarctic Treaty System and Resource Management in the Southern Ocean
Schulman Alexis CEE 2004 Catherine Peters Providing Social and Environmental Benefits Through Urban Schoolyard Greening
Shek Lili EEB 2004 Jeanne Altmann The Effects of Temperature and Rainfall on Reproduction of Yellow Baboons in Amboseli: A Hormonal Perspective
Tatham Stephanie POL 2004 George Hawkins Groundwater Protection in New Jersey: Significance, Current Governance, and the Potential for Further Protection
Walters Kathryn EEB 2004 Henry Horn Monitoring Distribution Changes of Seagrass Beds in Southwest Florida