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Senior Thesis Titles: 2016

Last Name First Name Major Class Adviser Title
Altman-Kurosaki Noam  EEB 2016 Stephen Pacala The Grazing Impact of Microherbivores on Algal Growth in Exposed and Sheltered Coral Reef Habitats
Baik Ejeong (EJ) EEB 2016 Michael Celia  Assessment of Enhanced Gas Recovery from CO2 Injection into Shale Gas Wells
Baker Colleen ANT 2016 Carolyn Rouse  Fish Forever”: The Integration of Culture in Community-Based Fisheries Management
Bergeron O'Neill EEB 2016 Robert Pringle  Preserving Biodiversity in Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area  and State Forest: How Recreational Uses Can Be Managed to Minimize Impacts to Local Biodiversity
Bole Sandy ARC 2016 Mario Gandelsonas Urbanism and Energy: A Speculative Policy for a Carbon Neutral America 
Caldwell Jesse SOC 2016 Robert Wuthnow The Outdoors as a White Person's Playground: The Scripting of Shenandoah National Park 
Campus Angelo  IND 2016 Forest Meggers and Carolyn Rouse Distributions of Power: Renewable Energy Development in the Navajo Nation
Carrillo Edgar  POL  2016 John Londregan Regime Type, Economic Development, and Earthquake Mortality 
Culver Benjamin EEB 2016 Stephen Pacala Not Just Cow Farts: The Need For More Stringent U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Methane Emissions Regulations
Dessy Jay  GEO 2016 Michael Oppenheimer Towards Quantifying the Risk of Compound Heat Wave Events: Projections of Frequency and Severity
Diu  Stephanie EEB 2016 Simon Levin  Trouble in paradise: The effect of glyphosate and Roundup toxicity on coral fertilization and settlement
Falter Melody  PSY 2016 Joel Cooper  Do No Evil: Examining the Effect of Morality Frames in Climate Change Communications
Fluehr Kathryn HIS  2016 Vera Candiani  An Environmental History of Colorado Mining: Resilience in the Mountains, 1858-1880
Gatto Elizabeth WWS  2016 Stephen Pacala Sustaining the California Dream: Managing the State's Water
Glenn Erin  ECO 2016 Roman Weil  An Analysis of Airbnb’s Disruption on the Manhattan Hotel Industry 
Grabowski Kathryn CEE  2016 Kelly Caylor and Robert Pringle  Dynamics of herbivory in an altered post-war ecosystem at Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
Jin  Karen  ENG  2016 Maria DiBattista  "The Stately Homes of England”: Nostalgia, Englishness, and the English Country House in Twentieth-Century Literature
Little  Kathryn CEE  2016 Eric Wood The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the United States
Lochan Hema  ANT 2016 Elizabeth Davis Site(s) At the Museum: How the Emergence of the "Activist" Museum has Influenced Modern Anthropology 
Lovaglio Caroline POL  2016 Ezra Suleiman  Participation in Paris? Assessing the Influence of Civil Society in International Negotiations of Global Climate Governance
Lowy Rebecca GEO  2016 Satish Myneni  Arsenic Adsorption on Fe-oxides mixed with Mn-oxides: Potential of Fe-Mn Nanocrystalline Coated Calcite Grains for Filtration of Arsenic Contaminated Drinking Water 
Lukins Kristin ECO  2016 Smita Brunnermeier When in Drought: Technological Innovation as a Response to Water Shortage
Menke  Anna  ANT 2016 Perry Sherouse  Using the Environment to Claim Identity: The Nicaraguan Canal and Indigenous People
Nan Dallas CBE 2016 Eric Larson and Lin Loo  An Analysis of Amine Solvent Carbon Capture Configurations on a Biochemical Biomass Conversion Process that Produces Hydrocarbon Fuel
Raber Katherine EEB 2016 Andrew Dobson Changing Patterns of Sea Lion Strandings along the Central California Coast
Rogers Gabrielle CBE 2016 Jeffrey Fitts Optimising the Treatment of Flowback and Produced Wastewater (FPW) in the Marcellus Shale
Sanborn Byron EEB 2016 David Wilcove Fear Effects: Decorator Crabs and the Giant Pacific Octopus
Shaw Summer WWS  2016 Ashoka Mody  Chinese Import Competition in India: A Firm-Level Analysis of Industrial Activity and Pollution
Simpson Jamie CEE  2016 Branko Glisic  Conceptual Design for a Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Princeton's Lake Carnegie
Sobolewska Joanna WWS  2016 David Wilcove Incorporating Climate Change and Bycatch Considerations into Fishery Management Strategy
Taneja Anjali GEO  2016 Michael Oppenheimer Climate Variability and International Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa: Addressing Non-Linear Effects
Taubin Sol CEE  2016 Peter Jaffe Modeling Dissolved Oxygen Levels in the Navarrete-Cañuelas Sub-Basin of the Matanza-Riachuelo River Watershed
Vasquez Ethan GEO  2016 Michael Bender  A Physiological Approach to Determining Ecosystem Productivity in the Arctic
Zarakas Claire GEO 2016 David Medvigy  Propagating Uncertainty from Plant Traits to Ecosystem Dynamics in Dry Tropical Forests
Zempleni Reka ECO  2016 Thomas Fujiwara The S.M.A.R.T. Game 
Zhou Jennifer WWS  2016 Richard Truex  Free Media and Changing Corruption Norms; An Interview-Based Case Study of Taiwan