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ENV Senior Colloquium

ENV Senior ColloquiumThe ENV Colloquium is required for seniors who are pursuing the Certificate in Environmental Studies. The Colloquium meets for eight 50-minute sessions; five in the fall term and three in the spring.  Meetings are faculty-led and provide guidance in the development of the senior thesis with particular emphasis on researching and developing the essential environmental theme from an interdisciplinary perspective.

During colloquium sessions, students will make short presentations on their thesis topics, fostering a collaborative and informative discussion. In this context, ENV students are given the opportunity to present their senior independent work including central hypothesis, research, and findings to an audience of their peers.

The Colloquium is an important culminating experience for students who are pursuing the Certificate in Environmental Studies. Colloquium meetings are organized in September with individual student schedules taken into consideration. Attendance is mandatory. The ENV Senior Colloquium is non-credit bearing.

All ENV seniors are required to take part in the Discovery Day poster session in early May. The Discovery Day poster show allows students to share outcomes of their thesis research, and celebrate their academic accomplishments with fellow students and faculty. Information about Discovery Day (date and venue) will be announced in the fall.