Our New Name

Check out our special page with details about our change to HMEI and our many activities during the past eight months!

The Biodiversity Grand Challenge supports faculty-led research — with an educational component — that studies the structure, dynamics and interconnectedness of Earth’s rich variety of species and natural systems in ways that are relevant to sustainability and conservation. The preservation of biodiversity is one of the most urgent environmental problems today, with human activity driving an accelerated loss of plant and animal species worldwide often referred to as the sixth mass extinction.

The program was established in 2020 through a gift to Princeton from Currie C. and Thomas A. Barron that significantly increased support for individual, or teams of, faculty members conducting environmental research related to biodiversity. The gift built upon the University’s decades-long leadership in studying biodiversity and ecosystems, areas in which University scientists  — many appointed in or affiliated with HMEI — continue to lead the way.