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Sustainable Events

Sustainable EventsAs Princeton’s center of dialogue on the environment, PEI hosts many diverse and exciting outreach programs for the campus and local communites, including lectures and  conferences that address issues of environmental sustainability. PEI’s leadership in campus sustainability efforts extends to all aspects of its work, including its success in greening its events and event planning strategies.

  • Paper
    PEI uses Aspen 100% post-consumer content, acid-free paper for printing and copying. One ream of 100% recycled paper saves about 40,000 BTUs of energy, 5.3 pounds of greenhouse gases, and 21.3 gallons of waste water.
  • Printed Conference Materials
    PEI’s conference postcards, posters, and programs are printed on 100% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) fiber, which is certified by Smartwood for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, made with wind power, Green Seal Certified, and acid-free.
  • Disposables
    PEI uses disposable cups made from polylactic acid (PLA) corn, recyclable lunch boxes made from 100% PCW fiber, and cutlery made of a PLA vegetable blend. PLA is a cornstarch bioplastic made of glucose from agricultural crops such as corn and potatoes. Products made from PLA are fully biodegradable and compostable, vegan and non-oil-economy-based.
  • Food and Decorations
    When providing food, PEI makes every effort to use locally grown, organic, and sustainably-produced ingredients. PEI uses sustainably-grown and certified-organic flowers for floral arrangements.