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STEP Fellows

STEP Fellows: Awarded 2009

Brian Ellis, PEI RISE Fellow

Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
STEP Topic: Investigation of the impact of carbon dioxide gas stream purity regulations on competitiveness of CCS technologies in the energy market.
STEP Adviser: Denise Mauzerall
Thesis Topic: Geologic carbon sequestration–Investigation of brine acidification and ensuing water-rock interactions.
Thesis Adviser: Catherine Peters

Matthew Escarra, Ford Fellow

Department: Electrical Engineering
STEP Topic: The implementation and use of remote measurements tovalidate CO2 Emissions reductions.
STEP Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Thesis Topic: High performance quantum cascade lasers for spectroscopic applications.
Thesis Adviser: Claire Gmachl

Ian Lloyd, Ford Fellow

Department: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
STEP Topic: Geoengineering - hurricanes, climate change and global governance.
STEP Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Thesis Topic: Hurricane - climate interaction.
Thesis Adviser: Gabriel Vecchi

Tao Wang, Perkins Fellow

Department: Economics
STEP Topic: Production and consumption based greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories - an incentive and efficiency analysis.
STEP Adviser: Michael Oppenheimer
Thesis Topic: Frictions and externalities in international trade.
Thesis Adviser: Gene Grossman