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Graduate Environmental Program

Geeta Persad, 2013 PEI-STEP FellowThe PEI graduate program values fundamental disciplinary strengths while providing avenues for students to reach across disciplinary lines to solve environmental problems.

Graduate Courses

Princeton graduate students are encouraged to include graduate courses on environmental topics in their program of study. Students are able to select from PEI-sponsored graduate courses as well as courses in affiliated programs. more >>

PEI-STEP Program

Through the PEI-STEP Fellowship Program, science and engineering students are offered an opportunity to expand beyond their disciplinary focus by exploring the environmental policy aspects of their thesis research. Similarly, students in the humanities and social sciences may apply to study environmental policy dimensions related to their disciplinary research topic. more >>

Environmental Degree Options

Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree with an environmental focus at Princeton University must apply for admission to a regular graduate degree-granting program by completing the electronic application form provided on the Graduate School website. PEI should be listed as the interdepartmental program of choice. PEI associated faculty with expertise in a broad range of environmental research areas are affiliated with several academic departments. more >>

Research Opportunities

Princeton graduate students interested in the environment can participate in environmentally focused research administered through the Princeton Environmental Institute. PEI is host to several large and high profile research programs that provide considerable opportunities for graduate students in such fields as: biodiversity and conservation; carbon capture and sequestration; climate science and modeling; energy technology and policy; environmental engineering; global biogeochemical cycles; global health and infectious diseases; oil, energy and the Middle East; sustainability; and water resources. more >>

Princeton Energy & Climate Scholars (PECS)

Founded in 2008, Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars (PECS) brings together a select group of highly talented and engaged Princeton Ph.D. students with research expertise ranging from energy security and technology to climate science and policy. more >>

Fellowship Programs

Through its fellowships programs, PEI offers unique opportunities for students to explore beyond their disciplinary expertise through interactions with faculty and students from departments across campus. PEI also offers several competitive awards to support graduate student fieldwork and laboratory research with an environmental focus. more >>


PEI aims to prepare Princeton students for positions of environmental leadership, including roles in academic, government, non-profit, or corporate enterprises. Resources are available to students wishing to find on and off campus opportunities to further their professional development. more >>