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Taplin Environmental Lectures Series

The Princeton Environmental Institute established the Taplin Environmental Lecture Series in 1997. Endowed by Frank Taplin '37, the Taplin series brings accomplished scholars and environmental leaders from industry, government, NGOs and the private sector to Princeton University to talk about a range of topics, including the environmental humanities, climate science and policy, economics and sustainability, environmental ethics, federal land-use policy, and the role of science, technology and industry in environmental mitigation. All lectures are open to the public. Video of these events also are made available on PEI's website.

Taplin Lecture 2017The Future of Water

Fall 2017

Speaker: Peter Gleick, President Emeritus of the Pacific Institute 
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Taplin Lecture 2017A Conservative Approach to Climate Change

Spring 2017

Speaker: James A. Baker III, 61st U.S. Secretary of State
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Creative Solutions at the Interface of Science and PolicyCreative Solutions at the Interface of Science and Policy

Spring 2012

Speaker: Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator
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Climate Change: A Scientist's PerspectiveClimate Change: A Scientist's Perspective

Spring 2011

Speaker: Dr. Ralph Cicerone, President, National Academy of Sciences
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Sustainability and the FutureSustainability and the Future

Fall 2008

Speaker: Peter H. Raven, Director, Missouri Botanical Garden


Negotiating the Post-Kyoto Climate Change FrameworkNegotiating the Post-Kyoto Climate Change Framework

Spring 2007

Speaker: Jeffrey D. Sachs, Earth Institute, Columbia University
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Cities in the WildernessCities in the Wilderness

Fall 2005

Speaker: Bruce Babbitt, former Governor of Arizona; Secretary of the Interior during the Clinton administration.


Powers and Responsibilities -- The Role of Corporations in Human Progress

Fall 2004

Speaker: John Browne, Group Chief Executive, BP
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Perfect Order, Recognizing Complexity in BaliPerfect Order, Recognizing Complexity in Bali

Spring 2004

Speaker: Steve Lansing, Professor of Anthropology, University of Arizona


Global Warming and the USA: Sparking Re-Engagement

Spring 2003

Speaker: Fred Krupp, President Environmental Defense


Some Paradoxes of Sustainability: Empirical and TheoreticalSome Paradoxes of Sustainability: Empirical and Theoretical

Spring 2002

Speaker: Kenneth Arrow, Professor of Economics and Operations, Stanford University


The Responsibility of the Corporation to the Environment in the 21st CenturyThe Responsibility of the Corporation to the Environment in the 21st Century

Spring 2000

Speaker: William Clay Ford Jr., Chairman, Ford Motor Company


World Enough and Time: A Global Investment for the EnvironmentWorld Enough and Time: A Global Investment for the Environment

Spring 2000

Speaker: Rita Colwell, director, National Science Foundation


Global Public Goods and the Problem of Climate ChangeGlobal Public Goods and the Problem of Climate Change

Spring 1999

Speaker: William D. Nordhaus, Professor of Economics, Yale University


The Issue of Human-Induced Global Climate Change: The Interplay Between Science and Politics

Winter 1998

Speaker: Burt Bolin, Professor of Meteorology, Emeritus, Stockholm University


Environmental Ethics, Ecology and the Controversy Over Ecosystem Integrity

Winter 1997

Speaker: Kristin Shrader-Frechette, Distinguished Research Professor, Philosophy of Science, Ethics and Public Policy, University of South Florida


Civilization and Madness: The Great BSE Scare of 1996Civilization and Madness: The Great BSE Scare of 1996

Spring 1997

Speaker: Sheila Jasanoff, Professor of Science Policy and Law, Cornell University