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ChESS Series: PEI Special Lecture with Ruben Juanes, MIT

Ruben Juanes PosterRuben Juanes, Director of Henry L. Pierce Laboratory for Infrastructure Science and Engineering at MIT, will deliver the PEI Special Lecture, "Hydromechanical Instabilities and Pattern Formation in Geoscience" at 4:30 p.m. Wed., April 18, in Guyot Hall, Room 10. This event is the sixth in the Challenges in Environmental Sciences Seminar (CHESS) Series organized by PEI in cooperation with campus partners.

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Summary: The displacement of one fluid by another in a porous medium gives rise to a rich variety of hydrodynamic instabilities. Unstable porous-media flows are essential to understanding many natural and man-made processes, including water infiltration in the vadose zone; carbon dioxide injection and storage in deep saline aquifers; methane venting from organic-rich sediments; and fracturing from fluid injection. Juanes will review a handful of these hydromechanical instabilities, elucidate the key physics at play, and point to modeling frameworks that permit quantitative assessments of their impact at the geologic scale.

Juanes is a computational geoscientist and engineer whose research focuses on understanding and predicting the simultaneous flow of two or more fluids through rocks, soils and other porous materials. His group combines theory, simulation and experiments that explain fundamental aspects of multi-fluid flow, which are then applied to predictions of large-scale Earth-science problems in the areas of energy and the environment, including geological carbon sequestration, methane hydrates, and ecohydrology of arid environments.

 You can watch entire lecture on Youtube HERE

This event is free to the public.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Guyot Hall, Room 10
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Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI)